Department for Digital Culture, Media and Sports 50+ Volunteering

 50+ Volunteering Programme for Office for Civil Society (DCMS) – 2017-2021

The 50+ volunteering programme was a £multi-million programme of grants to voluntary sector organisations with the aim of boosting volunteering in those aged 50+ and the associated learning projects engaged in throughout their grant.

Led by Professor Daniel King the evaluation was supported by a team of researchers with expertise in voluntary sector research. Running for four years the team used a mixed methods approach including in depth interviews with organisations and statistical analysis of programme data to evaluate the impact of the programme on organisations, beneficiaries, and volunteers.  The final report can be found here (insert hyperlink) and was produced with close collaboration from DCMS. The team continues to disseminate findings from the research including presentations to DCMS and summary reports for the sector.

You can read the summary documents here