We conduct funded, unfunded and applied research into various areas of HRM and Organisational Behaviour. A few examples of our projects:

Coaching for Creativity – in Context

Led by Professor Helen Shipton and Dr Margarita Nyfoudi (University of Birmingham)

Coaching for Creativity is an innovative framework that optimises creativity and innovation in individuals and teams using coaching techniques. The framework uses in-depth data collection and analysis to identify skill gaps, inform insights with leadership and team members, and enhance defined competencies for organisational development and growth.

Structuring for Voice

Led by Professors Helen Shipton and Daniel King

Turning the spotlight on employee voice, this project uncovers factors that influence voice, in particular why, when and how voice influences outcomes in the conventional workplace and beyond. The report based on the first phase of the research can be found here.


Led by Professor Daniel King

In collaboration with colleagues across the university, a range of methods has been developed that facilitates the evaluation of government and EU funded programmes. This includes:

  • Department for Dgital Culture, Media and Sports 50+ Volunteering.
  • D2N2 Growth Hub ScaleUp
  • ERDF Enabling Innovation.

Gendered Jobs

Led by Dr Val Caven and Dr Stefanos Nachmias

In collaboration with a major regional organisation, we are looking at the psycho-social influences of job choice and the impact this may have on the gender pay-gap. This research will be using both quantitative and qualitative approaches.

Gender Recognition Act – Consultation

Led by Professor Daniel King

In partnership with the Equalities Office, we are analysing and reporting on over 100,000 responses collected in response to calls for a consultation on the Gender Recognition Act.