The Centre of People, Innovation and Performance is engaged in delivering innovative HRM solutions, through both empirical and applied research.


The PIPĀ speaks to three strands of thought:

Research Strand 1

Exploring how HRM builds strategy and systems to influence creativity and innovation taking into account employee perceptions and understanding of HRM.

It expects to deliver HRM solutions to firms striving to excel in innovation, highlighting employee attitudes and behaviours.

Research Strand 2

Bringing out leadership considerations given our focus on people, innovation and performance. This research provides insight into the relative effectiveness of leadership development practices, taking account of both early career development (e.g. apprenticeship training) as well as the role of distinctive leadership styles in fostering employee innovation and performance.

This strand of research aims to inform leadership training and development programmes.

Research Strand 3

AimingĀ to understand the role of HRM in fostering informal learning and knowledge transfer and innovation especially relative to multi-national companies, taking account of cultural and institutional factors.

This strand expects to offer guidance to multinational corporations as to what practices need to be in place to facilitate informal learning and the transfer of knowledge, as well as any role that HRM might play.