Nottingham Business School’s Centre for People, Innovation and Performance

Led by Helen Shipton, the purpose of the Centre of People, Innovation and Performance, NBS, is the creation of a world class centre that will deliver 4 star outputs through both empirical and applied research. A key remit is to explore how HRM builds strategy and systems to influence creativity and innovation taking into account employee perceptions and understanding of HRM. The Centre delivers HRM solutions to firms striving to excel in innovation, highlighting employee attitudes and behaviours.

Publishing in 4* Journals Event, 26th of April

Publishing in 4* Journals Event, 26th of April

On the 26th of April we successfully chaired ‘The Publishing in 4* Journals: From Research Design to Research Impact’ event, which was co-hosted with the British Academy of Management – this represented the launch of the Centre of People, Innovation and Performance- with five speakers (including the editors of BJM and JWB).  We had 32 attendees from all over the world- including Vietnam, Dubai, Netherlands as well as members of UK institutions such as Leeds Business School and Bath School of Management.

In addition to our launch event, the centre has also been active in other research related projects:

Dalvir Samra, Helen Shipton, and Amanda Hay submitted a bid to the HEI Leadership Forum for a leadership training evaluation project. The project is was one of 5 shortlisted from 24 total applicants. They have also been invited by Leadership Awards.Org to judge ‘the most influential leadership research’ category for an event scheduled for award presentation at the Hilton, London, in November 2016.

Yvonne Carlisle is involved with a project investigating informal learning and the implications for personalisation for NBS UG students with colleagues from Liverpool (including Huadong Yang), Veronica Lin and Helen Shipton.  We now have ethical clearance and envisage collecting data towards the start of the new academic year.

Centre members (including Susan Kirk, Carole Tansley and Helen Shipton) were pleased to act as assessors, together with a wider team including Elaine Farndale, Penn State, US; Huadong Yang, Liverpool University, UK; Tim Bednall, Swinburne, Australia and Robert Verburg, Delft, NL,  for the ‘best doctoral thesis’ award at the Human Resource International Conference, Sydney, Feb 2016.

Veronica Lin (Winner) pictured together with Karin Sanders (Visiting Prof NBS; from UNSW, Australia), Helen and other conference delegates.

Veronica Lin (Winner) pictured together with Karin Sanders (Visiting Prof NBS; from UNSW, Australia), Helen and other conference delegates.

Veronica Lin, pictured, won the best thesis award prize, and Margarita Nyfoudi, from Birmingham City University, was the runner-up.

Centre members Helen Shipton and Pawan Budhwar were pleased to present their opening paper for a symposium they jointly organised titled ‘HRM and Innovation: A multi-level perspective’, at the above conference, February 2016.  The symposium was well supported with over 35 conference delegates attending and some valuable collaborative opportunities taken forward by the organising team.

In July Professor Helen Shipton was invited by Knowledge Brief to share her research on innovating from the bottom-up – and looked at whether we should treat ‘non-creatives’ differently from designated creative staff. Please read the full interview HERE: