Impact Barometer Survey

The latest round of the survey is now open.

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About this months survey: There is no one complete set of agreed definitions for terms like equality, diversity and inclusion. It may be useful to read these summaries of commonly used definitions before completing this month’s survey:

Equality means actively working towards equality of opportunity and equality of outcome in order to provide better treatment and better outcomes for all. Read more.

Diversity refers to the differences that exist between people or groups of people. It also means engaging a range of different people in your workforce, in volunteering opportunities, and in the activities or services your organisation delivers, ensuring that people or groups are not underrepresented. Read more.

Inclusion means ensuring people of different backgrounds, experiences and identities feel welcomed, respected and are fully able to participate. Read more.

General info: This survey looks at the Pandemic’s effect on organisations’ finances, operations, employees and volunteers. The survey will take approximately 10-15min to complete. The study is run by Nottingham Trent University in collaboration with NCVO and Sheffield Hallam University, and funded by the ESRC (find out more here).