April has been a busy month for the Centre. Student personalisation and evaluation projects are just some of the activities centre members have been involved with.

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‘Think on Global’:  Evaluating Learning, Performance and Success

 The Schools, Colleges and Communities Outreach team (SCCO) at Nottingham Trent University is working alongside NBS Centre for People Innovation and Performance to evaluate ‘GoMad’ a training programme recently delivered to SCCO team members. This project seeks to gain a breadth of understanding about the way in which their training influenced their learning and perceptions of work.

This research is led by Professor Helen Shipton and Dr Margarita Nyfoudi (Birmingham City University). The project is conducted in two phases.  The first phase captures learning, performance and success arising from the ‘Think on Global’ approach. The CPIP has identified that the SCCO could derive further benefits from ‘Think on Global’ through focusing on goal-setting strategy, and aims to develop a training intervention as part of the second phase of the project.


Work Design across Cultures

Professor Helen Shipton and Veronica Lin (Queen’s University Belfast) are part of an international team of academics from the US Academy of Management including Frederick Morgeson of Michigan State University, US, interested in understanding more about job design and its influence on employee well-being and performance.  This project spans across 40 countries and will explore:

  1. How work design differs across national cultures
  2. How national culture might affect the relationships among work design and outcomes.
  3. What constitutes “good work” and how it varies across cultures.

Helen and Veronica are UK ambassadors for the project and have engaged part-time students from Nottingham Business School to participate. The students will administer the work design questionnaire to employees in their organisation. The project is a great opportunity for them to learn about what motivates employees at work, to benchmark their organisation against others, and to gain hands-on experience of running a well- designed research study.


Personalise Student Learning from a Self-Concept Perspective

This project aims to understand the interrelationships among support to students, students’ self-concept and their preferences for certain types of learning. To be specific, the forms of support to students in this project include tutor’s coaching and team support. Students’ self-concept can be distinguished between relational self and collective self. Students with a relational self tend to view themselves as an individual in relation to important others, whereas students with a collective self tend to view themselves as one embedded in a larger collective. We aim to understand whether students with a relational self are more susceptible to the influences of tutor’s coaching, while students with a collective self are more susceptible to the influences of fellow students within a team.

This project is led by Professor Helen Shipton, Dr Yvonne Carlisle, Dr Veronica Lin (Queens University Belfast), Dr Huadong Yang (University of Liverpool).